• A Message from the Board of Directors
    Recently the media ran several news stories regarding an unfortunate situation that occurred at the 12th Street baseball fields, operated by the Sarasota Cal Ripken Baseball League. The treasurer for Sarasota Cal Ripken Baseball League has been accused of stealing money from the concession stand at the park. The treasurer is now facing criminal charges and was removed from her post.

    This incident is in no way connected to the Sarasota Little League. We are saddened that the families of the Sarasota Cal Ripken Baseball League have had this regrettable experience, and we wish them well.

  • Lightning policy – As we mentioned above, we had several games during our playoff schedule that had to be postponed, or delayed, due to lightning in the area. Our current policy is that if lightning is detected in the area, within an eight mile radius, all players, parents and fans must leave the fields, dugouts and the bleachers. Per our Safety Plan, you can wait out the delays under Johnny’s Grill or your cars. We can return to play once no lightning has been detected within range for 30 consecutive minutes. We know this can be an inconvenience, but the safety of our players and park patrons comes first.
  • Updates on Fields – You may have noticed Field Two is being completely redone. The County is replacing the infield sod and dirt and we expect this field to be ready for the fall season.
  • Board Elections – Board of Directors elections for the fall will be held at Gecko’s on Clark Road on Thursday, Sept. 3.